Why you should choose YourGamblers

  • Hand-Picked Premium Beads – every pearl of our bracelets is hand-picked! We use pearls with a diameter of 8mm, this allows you to wear it as a single accessory or in combination with other bracelets of our collection as well as with your wristwatch. Each of our pearls is very robust and there is almost no chance to break it!
  • Shiny Eye-Catching YourGamblers Charm - every bracelet includes our 10mm YourGamblers logo charm, textured on both sides. This eyecatcher completes your bracelet and clearly seperates it from cheap imitations. An unmistakable statement for handmade quality from Germany!
  • The Perfect Fit – everyone of our bracelets is customer-specific measured and tailored - it fits to your wrist in an optimal way! Neither too tight nor too wide, just exclusively comfortable for you!
Optimal Sizing Guide
You are not sure, which size is the perfect one for your wrist?
Have a look at our Optimal Size Guide to make sure that you measure your wrist correctly - this ensures the perfect fit of your bracelet when it arrives at your home.

Be sure to measure your wrist tightly.

Below you can find a conversion table from inches to centimeters and vice versa.

Centimeter Inches
15cm 5,9 in
16cm 6,3 in
17cm 6,7 in
18cm 7,1 in
19cm 7,5 in