How to take Care of your Bracelet

How to take Care of your Bracelet

To make sure that your bracelet stays impeccable all the time you should pay attention to a few handling techniques:

  • use a soft damp cloth for cleaning your bracelet after wearing it
  • first use cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances, then get dressed with your jewellery
  • keep your bracelet seperately in a safe place to avoid scratches – at the best you store it in your provided box from YourGamblers
Optimal Sizing Guide
You are not sure, which size is the perfect one for your wrist?
Have a look at our Optimal Size Guide to make sure that you measure your wrist correctly - this ensures the perfect fit of your bracelet when it arrives at your home.

Be sure to measure your wrist tightly.

Below you can find a conversion table from inches to centimeters and vice versa.

Centimeter Inches
15cm 5,9 in
16cm 6,3 in
17cm 6,7 in
18cm 7,1 in
19cm 7,5 in