Our Story

by Mario & Fritz March 21, 2016

Our Story

YourGamblers, that are Fritz and Mario

We are proud to establish with YourGamblers a modern fashion brand which is specialized on handcrafted bracelets of high quality. YourGamblers represents the positive energy of those people, who grasp at fortune, love and success in life with inexhaustible devotion and who don’t let go their dreams. We deeply honor this attitude towards life and want to appreciate it with our bracelets.

Handcrafted with selected natural gemstones, that have been used for jewelry production since decades, every single one of our bracelets stands for the individually perfect combination of resistance and comfort and reminds of the importance to realize your goals in life.


We ourselves have met at university and became friends over the time, actually we still spend a lot of time studying. YourGamblers was born from the idea to identify ourselves with jewelry on the wrist, starting with our common fable for wristwatches. For a long time we have been on the search for the perfect bracelet for us – but we were not able to find it. All available online bracelets were mass products in “one-size-fits-all” of inferior quality that didn’t fulfill our demands. In addition to that we didn’t want to pay exorbitant prices. Soon we came to the realization that we want and need to take action by our own. Since then we create, only per order, highly qualitative and individually sized as well as affordable bracelets for you.

We are looking forward receiving suggestions from you to supplement or complete our existing range and to create your own personal bracelet, if you could not find it in our online shop. We ask for your understanding that there might be delays in responding to your requests – we are afraid to work for university from time to time.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to count on you as one of our satisfied clients in future and wish you a good time with our collection!

Reflect who you want to be in life, and go for it - #YourLifeYourMove

Mario & Fritz
Mario & Fritz


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Optimal Sizing Guide
You are not sure, which size is the perfect one for your wrist?
Have a look at our Optimal Size Guide to make sure that you measure your wrist correctly - this ensures the perfect fit of your bracelet when it arrives at your home.

Be sure to measure your wrist tightly.

Below you can find a conversion table from inches to centimeters and vice versa.

Centimeter Inches
15cm 5,9 in
16cm 6,3 in
17cm 6,7 in
18cm 7,1 in
19cm 7,5 in